Norman Maeshima and Georgia Maeshima

Recorded June 18, 2015 Archived June 18, 2015 36:06 minutes
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Norman Maeshima (56), talks with his wife and best friend Georgia Maeshima (51), about his upcoming retirement after 31 years of service with the City of Long Beach

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Norman remembering the start of his career with the City of Long Beach, CA on February, 10, 1984
Norman recalling his young life
Norman says three men influenced his outlook on life and public service: John F. Kennedy, Dr. Floyd A. Miracle, and his father, Sam Maeshima
N recalls how his father was a migrant worker who crossed the country, but found the time to explain to his young son the importance of public service
N says his dad had "barely a high school diploma" but how important reading was to him and that he read "all the time" and that there were "We had four encyclopedias in the house."
N says his dad Sam was a "Japanese American whose father got thrown into internment and yet wanted to serve his country as a public servant. It was a powerful message."
N talks about when he got his job, little by little "my cup got filled. If you help someone a little, your cup fills up a little. If you help more, you get to fill it up more."
N talks about the "breadth and skill and dedication of the people I work with, just a lot of good, hardworking people at the City.
N talks about how with his work, he was able to "uncover a diamond. I was able to serve. Many years later I finally understand what my father was trying to tell me. Public service is a good, good job."
N uses the cup analogy mentioned above to add that he makes sure to always go in to work with his cup "half full to leave some good energy at home too."


  • Norman Maeshima
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