Ruth Tringham and Eric Blind

Recorded June 26, 2010 Archived June 26, 2010 01:21:23
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Eric, 35, interviews Ruth, 69, about her career as an archaeologist and her more recent involvement with The Presidio.

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Came to California in 1978, saw Presidio for first time. Then not again until 2000, became more involved in 2006.
Applying similar approaches to her pre-history work in her work at the Presidio.
Work at the Presidio has changed way she sees The Presidio, and her place in California. Feels like a native of San Francisco, now, has changed her identity.
Favorite parts of the Presidio; teaching students and dancing in the old ballroom.
Likes to imagine the person breaking the bread at the Presidio hundreds of years ago; less interested in the commandants.


  • Ruth Tringham (b. 1940)
  • Eric Blind (b. 1974)

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Presidio Trust

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