Shadi Nadri and Theo Morgan

Recorded March 20, 2022 Archived March 20, 2022 35:42 minutes
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Best friends, Shadi Nadri (27) and Theo Morgan (22), share a conversation about mental health, body image, travel, hobbies, clothing, death, self-love, and friendship.

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TM and SN share some of their most painful memories.
TM describes the trip they took to Disneyland in California.
SN and TM discuss the trips they'd like to take together.
SN shares how she'd like to be remembered.
SN talks about her hobbies and what she has learned from them.
TM and SN reflect on how eating disorders have affected their relationships with body weight.
SN and TM discuss what they enjoy wearing and what they hope to wear for future events.
TM and SN share their hopes for one another.
SN describes what a typical dinner looked like for her family growing up.
TM shares how they feel about death.
SN and TM talk about the tattoos they want to get.
TM and SN discuss how they feel about makeup and body hair.
TM and SN express their love for one another and plan what they will do next.


  • Shadi Nadri
  • Theo Morgan

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Greenwood Cultural Center

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