Shahid Mansoor talks about his life growing up in India and his adult life in the United States

Recorded December 4, 2017 Archived December 4, 2017 07:08 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Plano, Tx, Basir Mansoor interview his father, Shahid Mansoor about his life in India and how it compares to his current life in the United States. Shahid shares his memories about traveling constantly between the Middle East (Oman) and India as his father worked in the Middle East. He talks about his education and how he was required to live by himself from the 10th grade in Aligarh. He concludes by comparing his standard of living in India and in the United States and gives perspective on the vast differences in the quality of life.


  • Shahid Mansoor
  • Basir Mansoor

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