Shalako Powers and Chaitna Sinha

Recorded September 8, 2022 Archived September 8, 2022 01:09:01 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Chaitna Sinha (44) and Shalako Powers (44), talk about their family histories, the paradoxes and hypocrisies of political beliefs and about the pressures and concerns of raising daughters in these times.

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Shalako talks about his experience working on the local search and rescue team.
Chaitna says that the east Indian community is small to non-existent in the Four Corners region as far as she knows..
Shalako says that his Mother had a big influence on him, taught him how to read, and gave him a good work ethic.
Chaitna says that her parents were very different. Her father told her to find her passion, mother was more practical.
Chaitna talks about being an environmental and Native American rights attorney.
Shalako says that she mostly has been a registered Republican, but politics generally in the middle, sees hypocrisy on both sides.
Shalako says he found public education impractical and seemed like a waste of time.
Chaitna also debated utility of school with her dad growing up, but generally sees it as learning to think and problem solve.
Shalako has two daughters and worries about their safety.
Chaitna worries about her daughter being confused by boxes, because her daughter is half East Asian Indian and half Native American.
Chaitna worries about safety because of school shootings; 3-year old daughter asked about Uvalde shooting.
Shalako says that we need to be open and honest about history and what happen before now.
Chaitna agrees but says we also need to contextualize the past and talk about why some people were valued more than other people.


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