Sheila Jones and Krystal Casey

Recorded January 29, 2021 Archived January 28, 2021 41:08 minutes
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Sheila Jones (70) speaks with her niece Krystal Hollis Casey (59) about their lives, their families, and their neighbors in Robbins, Illinois.

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SJ says most weeks her mother took her fishing in the western suburbs in the summers. KC says she also played outside and played rodeo at the Latting Rodeo where her love for horses began.
SJ talks about all the schools she went to then KC talks about how she went to every school in the Robbins school district.
SJ talks about her other relatives in Robbins. She was adopted. Both families are there but she didn't interact with either.
SJ talks about making skateboards from old roller skates and selling them. They talk about going roller skating every Saturday morning.
SJ says her dad didn't allow her mom to work outside the home. They had chickens and she sold the eggs. She took bets with "policy". SJ talks about the chickens and the mean rooster.
They talk about there being life outside of Robbins but that they come home once a year for the Robbins parade on Labor Day weekend.


  • Sheila Jones
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