Shelly Glandon, Anya Glandon, and Rowan Hutchinson talk about family and life in Oksaloosa, Iowa

Recorded November 25, 2018 Archived November 25, 2018 27:05 minutes
Id: APP554820


In this interview, done Saturday, November 24th in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Rowan Hutchinson (16) speaks with Michelle “Shelly” Glandon (47) and Anya Glandon (17), her girlfriend and girlfriend’s foster/soon to be adoptive mother (featuring Ayla Glandon, age 5). Shelly discusses how she was as a child, her expectations for adult life, and family and life as a whole. She details what it’s like being a parent, the differences between being a parent to your biological children and foster children, and why she chose to be a foster parent. Throughout her recounting, Shelly talks about her pride she has for her children, and how she wants all of the people in her life — from her biological kids to the people on her mail route to her foster kids — to affect others the way she affected them. With input from Anya, Shelly talked about how Anya has grown, as well her favorite memories of Anya. She finishes the interview by sharing what she is proudest of and most grateful for.


  • Michelle “Shelly” Glandon
  • Anya Glandon

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