Shirin Assemi and Ava Ahmadbeigi

Recorded March 9, 2020 Archived March 9, 2020 39:55 minutes
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Shirin Assemi (41) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Ava Ahmadbeigi (26) about her memories of growing up in Iran in the '80s, differences she sees between Iranian and American culture, and what she hopes her children will know about Iran in the future.

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SA talks about her parents and their lives in the United States and Iran.
SA shares memories of being raised around all of her family in Iran.
SA reflects on her personal connection to being Iranian.
SA recalls what her house and neighborhood in Tehran were like.
SA talks about bombings during the Iraq/Iran war and how her family moved away from Tehran towards the sea for safety. She remembers the serenity of their new location and having to leave it.
SA shares what she remembers of her family's move to the United States and how she felt about the transition.
SA talks about when she decided to pursue more knowledge about Iran, specifically pertaining to history and culture.
SA talks about her husband.
SA expresses sadness about US/Iranian relations and how her dad might not be able to see his family in Iran.
SA shares what she wants her children to know about Iran if they are never able to go.
SA talks about her children.


  • Shirin Assemi
  • Ava Ahmadbeigi

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