Shudde Fath and Betsy Fath Hiller

Recorded October 1, 2022 Archived October 1, 2022 55:19 minutes
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Shudde Fath (106) is McCombs school of business's oldest alumni. She reminisces with her daughter Betsy Fath Hiller (71) on her experiences as one of the few women at her college and filing a federal discrimination lawsuit against the Texas Workforce Commission.

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SF remembers what she and her siblings would do for fun growing up, most of which involved an athletic activity.
SF was valedictorian of her high school and describes the events that led her to apply to the University of Austin.
SF explains what it was like being a woman at the McCombs business school in the late 1930s.
SF retells the story of a particular professor who gave her a hard time and an accounting test she passed that left her classmates in disbelief.
SF details what she did following her graduation from McCombs in 1938.
After the new deal, SF went to work for a new federal agency now known as the "Texas Workforce Commission."
SF recalls the sexism she faced at the Texas Workforce Commission and why she filed a discrimination lawsuit against them.
SF describes the over-5-year process of getting a hearing for her case and later on a settlement.
SF shares her life mottos and important lessons she’s learned.


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