Silena Layne and Jeb Backe

Recorded April 28, 2023 Archived April 28, 2023 43:05 minutes
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Silena Layne (44) speaks with StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about her faith journey in the face of struggle and loss. Silena reflects on her relationship to the Black Church and on the impact of gun violence on her family.

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Silena talks about being displaced from San Francisco and reflects on her life in Oakland.
Silena talks about her experience studying at the University of San Francisco and reflects on her spiritual journey. She talks about carving out a community at the university.
Silena talks about the loss of her grandmother and reflects on experiencing homelessness as a teenager.
Silena talks about her faith journey after the death of her grandmother.
Silena talks about her views on — and experiences in — the Black Church.
Silena talks about her work with the Faithful Fools.
Silena talks about her community and family outside of work. She reflects on the impact of gun violence on her family.
Silena remembers her cousin, Timothy Richards. She reflects on her experience with faith in the face of loss and grief.
Silena reflects on finding levity in life.
Silena talks about the work we still have to do.


  • Silena Layne
  • Jeb Backe

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University of San Francisco

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