Skip Schiel, Josephine Schiele, and Katy Downey

Recorded January 23, 2021 Archived January 22, 2021 42:36 minutes
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Josephine Schiele (53) and Katy Downey (50) talk with their father, Skip Schiel (80), about what led him to move to Boston in the 1960s, his activism during the Vietnam War, his interest in cooperative living, and his work as a photographer and filmmaker.

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SS talks about moving to Boston in 1965 and what his life was like when he was in a new marriage, the Vietnam War was ramping up, and he was starting graduate school.
SS talks about becoming a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war.
SS talks about what led him to be interested in moving into a communal house with his family. He also talks about what life was like in the house.
SS talks about his happy memories of celebrating holidays while living in the commune and the benefits of shared parenting.
SS talks about friendships he has made with veterans of the Vietnam War who became peace activists after the war.
SS talks about how he became involved in filmmaking and photography.
SS talks about teaching at Boston College and then discusses other jobs he had after leaving Boston College before he became self-employed.
SS describes his current lifestyle and talks about the social justice movements he is involved in.


  • Skip Schiel (b. 1940)
  • Josephine Schiele (b. 1967)
  • Katy Downey

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