"Smoking causes unwanted attention"

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Luc: How old were you when you decided to start smoking?
Anonymous: I was between 17 and 18, it was my senior year of high school. I was introduced to it in high school. I decided to pick it up when I could start purchasing it at 18.
Luc: What made you start smoking?
Anonymous: It was a social thing to do back in the 90’s. Everybody used to smoke back then. A big movement came on for smoke free bars, restaurants, and a new millennial. Also, a lot of people quit.
Luc: Have you ever got in any fights cause of this addiction?
Anonymous: No, I have never got in any fights cause of my addiction with cigarettes. It does cause un wanted attention at times. If you are in an unfamiliar area or a friend place in the city, and you want to go smoke, you have to go outside, and it could be late at night, there is people around. It just brings un wanted attention, but I haven’t got in any fist fights. Maybe stupid arguments about somebody wanted a cigarette and I dint want to give them one.
Luc: Have you ever tried to hide the addiction from anybody.
Anonymous: No, I never had to hide it. Other people in my family smoke. My mom smokes. my brother smokes, my dad smokes cigars. So, I never had to hide it from anyone in my family.
Luc: How did abusing cigarettes harm anyone around you? Or did it not?
Anonymous: Using cigarettes created borders between me and my sister, she has two baby girls, and they don’t want the smoke around them. So, it creates borders, you always have to wash your hands. It can be harmful.
Luc: Have you ever had to steal money to purchase cigarettes?
Anonymous: No
Luc: How did you cope with the whole situation?
Anonymous: I kind of enjoy smoking cigarettes, that’s kind of the problem. I am very athletic. I was caught on to this addiction at a young age and it’s just been hard for me to fill that void with anything else. It’s a challenge and something I need to take more seriously. It hurts you more and more. I am getting in my middle ages now. I’ll be 31 soon and my 20’s are over. I have to start thinking about the future and my health.
Luc: How does smoking cigarettes effect you now?
Anonymous: Financially they tax cigarettes allot, which cost me a lot of money. It is no longer the social things to do. I guess it isolates you.
Luc: Is there a certain time that you remember specifically that someone has really tried to help you and your addiction?
Anonymous: Anytime I want to quit cigarettes, everyone is supportive of me. My family got me the gum and the patches. They also quit themselves before, but they still continue to smoke. They will quit and restart at some point when they get stressed out.
Luc: Is there anything you wish you can go back and change?
Anonymous: No, I don’t. Cigarettes are bad for you, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. There is a lot of worst things out there. I think I will quit eventually, but even if I don’t. There are certainly other diseases out there to worry about. That’s my personal opinion. I’ve had other illnesses in my lifetime that were way more serious. If I had to choses from 3 things I’ve had or not have, this would probably be something I would keep.
Luc: Is there anything that really stuck with you while smoking? An Experience?
Anonymous: It’s frustrating to be a smoker sometimes today because it really isn’t that accepted. You have to be careful around other people, you don’t want to burn your clothes or somebody else’s. Also, people have allergies today more than ever, you have to isolate yourself. I don’t like that about it.


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