"So I caused a little trouble coming into the world too"

Recorded December 8, 2022 Archived December 8, 2022 15:11 minutes
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Rita Bowman (58) talks to her daughter, Sam Armengolt (16), about her childhood and what she has learned throughout her life. Born into a lower class family, Rita took care of her younger siblings while growing up; at 18 she began working at Bally's Casino in Atlantic City as a baker and has worked there for 40 years. At 42, she gave birth to her one and only child, Sam. Rita has learned that nothing in life goes as planned, but that is part of the joy of life. Sam interviewed her mom for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2022 in hopes to learn more about her and share her story with the world.


  • Rita Bowman
  • Sam Armengolt

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