So, um you know what I didn't have or what I had lost I have regained.

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Can you remember why or how you started to misuse?
Yeah, when I was a um teenager, it started with um drinking, smoking cigarettes and drinking with friends. And when I got to high school when I was in tenth grade, I started with marijuana. Um, you know kind of seldomly then it became an everyday thing but it'll of 10th grade all up until my senior year of high school and I was expelled from high school three days before graduation for violation of the school of alcohol policy and I had a problem by then and I wanted to cut when I went to college or tried other drugs that just really progressed things, So but it really started knowing about 14 years old.
So what was one of the things that made you change like your decision, like change your ways from being, to go into recovery?
Well um in the spring of 1986. I was having a bad time um hold a job. I could not sustain a relationship. I was the strange my family and uh it really it wasn't my decision at the time.
It was more of um, I had committed a small crime working for a family business and I was discovered and I had really no options other than you go into treatment in-patient treatment. So that's where my recovery began.
Me- do you have any regrets
Him- Um, Not really, No because of I had an illness and I regret that I was you know kicked out of high school and couldn’t graduate with my class. I regret I was later kicked out of college and I have um since gone back to college and got three degrees. So um you know what I did have or had lost I have regained.


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