"Something I learn today is something that [could help] society tomorrow." an interview with Patrick Taylor

Recorded February 18, 2019 Archived February 18, 2019 20:13 minutes
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While Patrick Taylor spends a huge chunk of his time in the clouds, his work has nothing to do with daydreaming. The Research scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center is working on understanding more about the role of clouds in the planet’s climate cycle. While clouds may reflect the sun and cool the Earth in some cases, Taylors says they may accelerate warming in the fall in parts of the Arctic.

“When you have more clouds, they act sort of like a blanket that helps to increase the amount of energy that’s going into the surface, which would warm the temperatures and delay the fall freeze up,” he says.

Taylor has been a weatherman ever since he became the chief data logger for his classroom in the fourth grade. He would write the temperature, wind speed, and direction on the chalkboard of his class, and from there he would attempt to make weather forecasts. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


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