Sonja Skovlin and Hans Skovlin

Recorded June 3, 2020 Archived June 3, 2020 01:17:47
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Sonja Skovlin (50) talks with her son, Hans Skovlin (17), about graduating high school this year and going to Montana State University in the fall. She asks him about some of his interests, like reading, cross country, and learning about events like World War II.

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SS remembers when HS was born, and when her husband read to HS as a baby. She talks about HS' love for reading today.
SS and HS talk about HS' interests in airplanes and World War II history.
HS shares what he would have liked to ask his great uncles and grandfather about their military experiences.
HS talks about his ROTC scholarship at Montana State University. SS shares how she feels about him joining the military in the future.
SS remembers when HS started running cross country.
HS talks about the support he has from his family and friends.
SS remembers how she felt when she was HS' age and going to college for the first time.


  • Sonja Skovlin (b. 1970)
  • Hans Skovlin (b. 2002)

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