Sonya Miller Preis and Naomi Love

Recorded January 25, 2023 Archived January 25, 2023 27:21 minutes
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Sonya Miller Preis [no age given] talks with her conversation partner, Naomi Love (27), about her family history. Sonya honors her grandfather, Joe Miller, and her grandfather's aunt, Fania Marinoff, and she also talks about her cousins, her appreciation for El Paso, Texas, and her family.

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S talks about her grandfather, Joe Miller. She says her grandfather was a Russian immigrant who traveled through different countries to arrive in the United States. S also talks about learning about another relative named Fania Marinoff.
S describes Fania Marinoff. She says that Fania Marinoff was a silent screen actress and her grandfather's aunt. S also says that her grandfather and Fania Marinoff both identified as Jewish.
S talks about her relatives' philosophy of accepting everybody and anybody, including people of color, in the 1930s.
S recalls how she learned about her family history.
S talks about why her grandfather came to El Paso and recalls growing up in El Paso. S also talks about liking the people of El Paso.
S recalls going to Mexico when she was growing up. She talks about how El Paso has changed over time and describes the El Paso Library.
S talks about her family and learning about new family members.
S talks about similar mannerisms that she shared with her cousins and about their different upbringings.
S says what she wants others to know about her family. S talks about the community of El Paso.
S gives advice to future generations and expresses her hopes for others in El Paso.


  • Sonya Miller Preis
  • Naomi Love