Spirituality Musings: Interview with Mark Bertrand

Recorded March 26, 2019 Archived March 26, 2019 44:49 minutes
Id: APP622169


Coffee shop interview with Mark Bertrand. Easily distracted by dogs passing by. Enjoy our college spirituality musings of a pastor in training interviewing a coworker-turned great friend. Mark grew up in the Catholic Church and now has a very interesting view on life and the spiritual world. He doesn't exactly state what he thinks the world is and how it works, but he has "wants" the world to be like. He did not particularly care for what he saw in his Catholic schooling and but still continued in attending mass out of respect for his family. Mark is someone who I would classify as “burned from the church.” He experienced some form of rejection of his lifestyle from the faith he ascribed from, and he experienced some form of hurt or backlash from this community that made him decide that it wasn’t for him anymore.


  • Victoria Jollimkde
  • Mark Bertrand

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