St. George Natives Kelly and Patricia Larson both grew up using the local library

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Recording February 13, 2018 – Husband and wife Kelly James and Patricia Larson have many memories about visiting the St. George Library. They not only grew up in the area, but raised their family here too. The public library was often the library for nearby schools, that students used for their homework and research papers. Patricia recalled reading "Cry the Beloved Country," Irving Stone’s biographies, "1984," "Animal Farm," and "Exodus" for a junior high teacher named Heber Jones. She is an avid reader to this day. Kelly said his wife read to their children and encouraged reading.

Kelly’s aunt was a member of the library staff at the St. George Carnegie Library. He remembered his father’s sister, Elsie Carpenter, as a children’s librarian who worked downstairs; she was the storyteller for Saturday Story times. “She was Aunt Elsie to me,” Kelly said. Elsa Carpenter worked from 1947-50 in the children’s department, took some time off after she married, then served as the head librarian as Elsa C. Jones from 1972- 1976.


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