Staca Shehan and Melissa Snow

Recorded May 13, 2021 Archived May 12, 2021 42:52 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Staca Shehan (44) and Melissa Snow (42) talk about their work in the anti-trafficking field, reflecting on childhood memories that show where their interests in the work sparked. They remember first meeting each other, share their experiences interacting with anti-trafficking work, and reflect on where they have seen progress in anti-trafficking work.

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SS and MS both reflect on how they became involved with anti-trafficking work. SS remembers identifying her interest in behavioral psychology as a means to understand crime at an early age and MS remembers doing community service with her family and being passionate about helping others.
SS talks about graduating college and working at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).
SS and MS reflect on how they were connected to each other through a colleague, and share their first impressions of each other.
SS talks about the misconceptions of human trafficking, one of which is an assumption that it is only an international issue. She also talks about the complexities of "rescue" and how we understand its meaning.
MS talks about the grieving process that survivors of trafficking experience in their recovery.
SS remembers a prosecutor she met at a conference who, at first, seemed uninterested in the content of the conference. She later learned that he was communicating with his colleagues how to better engage with their work based on what he was learning.
MS shares a memory from a trip to India when she woke up in the morning to a group of women singing.
Both MS and SS reflect on the progress in anti-trafficking work and talk about gaps in the work.


  • Staca Shehan
  • Melissa Snow

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