Stacy Schmitt and Dane Bussard

Recorded October 30, 2021 Archived October 30, 2021 42:36 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Stacy Schmitt (59) and Dane Bussard (28) talk about the loss of Dane's grandfather when Dane was in high school, opinions on same-sex households and reproductive freedoms, and their religious backgrounds and upbringings.

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DB and SS talk about their decision to do One Small Step and both read each others’ bios.
DB on the loss of his grandfather, who was his father figure in life. SS talks about losing many of her close family members to cancer.
DB and SS talk about their opinions on same sex parent households.
DB on whether or not he is interested in having children of his own. SS talks about her support of reproductive freedom.
DB talks about Pennsylvania as a “Bible belt” and discusses his religious beliefs. SS talks about her Catholic upbringing and what her beliefs are now.
DB shares his beliefs on systemic racism. SS shares her perception of race growing up outside of New Orleans. She talks about how she sees racism in her job as a teacher.
DB and SS reflect on their conversation together.


  • Stacy Schmitt
  • Dane Bussard

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