Stanley Collins and Mary Herzogenrath

Recorded December 14, 2022 Archived December 14, 2022 30:26 minutes
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Husband and wife Stanley "Stan" Collins (69) and Mary Herzogenrath [no age given] reminisce and share the timeline of their love story. They also talk about faith and family.

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M expresses what she wants to talk about today.
S recalls his 18-year marriage ending and also recalls going to church after his divorce.
M recalls going to Beginning Experience and becoming a facilitator. S recalls meeting M during the retreat and also recalls a group session.
M recalls talking to S during lunch and sharing their beliefs.
S recalls asking M out and M turning him down because he was a participant in the program. M and S recall going on a walk after 6 weeks and M accepted S's invitation to go out.
M and S recall making a bet. M recalls winning a bet and requesting ice cream.
M and S recall the places they have traveled together. S also remembers suggesting marriage prep. M and S talk about Deacon Joe.
M recalls 9/11. S recalls watching the news and seeing a plane crashing.
M recalls leaving work on 9/11 and S coming to pick her up.
M recalls telling S to call his friend to talk about his experiences and feelings regarding 9/11 and being a pilot.
M recalls moving to Texas from Denver, Colorado. M and S recall the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and taking care of their grandchild. M and S talk about their grandchildren. S recalls making cookies with their grandchildren.
M talks about their grandchildren and the things they like to do.


  • Stanley Collins
  • Mary Herzogenrath

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Mission Library