Stephanie Preston (Marinez) and Brent Sinclair

Recorded November 15, 2021 Archived November 15, 2021 01:39:36 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Stephanie Marinez (37) and Brent Sinclair (64) talk about their love of Kansas, pro-choice/abortion issue, feminism, conservative/liberal viewpoints, racism and finding common ground.

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Introductions and why they wanted to do a OSS conversation.
BS is a master gardener and they connect on the love of plants and gardening.
Both discuss feminism and male/female roles.
SP talks about college and her decision to study psychology.
Both discuss growing up in non-traditional (Stephanie) and traditional (Brent) homes.
Both address influential people in their lives. BS--parents and SP--teachers, grandparents/patchwork of people.
Both discuss political values/views--Republican, Democrat, Libertarian parties and issues such as abortion, immigration
Both discuss importance of respecting each other's differences and what is misunderstood about each "side", American Exceptionalism, vaccine discussion,..
SP and BS what it means to be a Kansan and the cultural diversity in Garden City, KS
SP discusses personal experiences with racism in SW KS.
Final thoughts and the feeling of commonality.


  • Stephanie Preston (Marinez)
  • Brent Sinclair

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High Plains Public Radio

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