Stephen Watson and Daniel Horowitz Garcia

Recorded December 10, 2019 Archived December 10, 2019 41:51 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Stephen Watson (41) and Daniel Horowitz Garcia (49) talk about Stephen's recent cancer diagnosis, course of curative treatment, and prognosis.

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Stephen talks about how he is feeling, after finishing cycle 4 of his chemotherapy a few days ago. He talks about Folfox, and various the side effects he has experienced with it and other cancer medications.
Stephen remembers January 11, 2019, the day a colonoscopy revealed a huge mass where his rectum and lower intestine meet. He says additional tests showed 2 lesions on his liver.
Stephen talks about his brand of pessimism, which he calls being a Snow Day Pessimist.
Stephen talks about doctor referrals, specialists, and having to go out of network for some of his care.
Stephen talks about the decision to opt for curative treatment. He talks about the survival rate for colorectal cancer. He says he believes he will live.
Stephen says he is agnostic; he says that he does understand what people mean who say they are praying for him. He says their prayers are a part of his healing and have been beneficial.
Stephen talks about the conversations he has with his three young children. He says they see everything he has been through. He says he does not talk about fatality rates and has not had to get too dark with them yet.
Stephen talks about what is on the horizon once he finishes cycle 6 of his chemotherapy, scheduled for January 8, 2020. He says he will have the stoma reversed and go in every 6 months for check ups.
Stephen says he is not a WEB MD guy. He does not look up symptoms. He says he leaves everything in the doctors' hands, as a lot of time, there is nothing you can do.
Stephen offers thanks to his department at Kennesaw State University, for covering his classes and helping him grade papers. He thanks the staff of his wife's elementary school for bringing them food and for all of their help.


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