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Recorded November 10, 2022 Archived November 10, 2022 50:28 minutes
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One Small Step partners Steve Hunt (54) and [No Name Given] [No Name Given] (18) share a conversation about their faith, interests, and political beliefs.

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Anonymous (A) and Steve (S) share why they wanted to participate in today's interview.
A shares more about her Christian faith. A says her grandmother influenced her faith.
S says his grandmother was the most influential person in his life. S says his grandmother instilled in him a sense of humor and the skill of digging deeper and not accepting things at face value.
A talks about her mother as the most influential person in her life. A says she was homeschooled for sometime.
S describes his personal political values. He says over his lifetime he's found that parties and ideology are very different. S says he is fiscally conservative but socially liberal and accepting of other people's position in life and how they identify.
A says she does not know much about politics. A says her family is conservative but she does not know much about politics.
A talks about her family and college studies.
A shares more about how her Christian faith guides her. She says it teaches her to give grace to others.
S describes his faith journey and his learning journey. He says he's been trying to deeply understand systemic racism. A discusses her understanding of systemic racism.
A says how her father's work as a chef inspired her to pursue professional baking.
A shares that she spends most of her time going to church and school. She says time is a big aspect of why she is not as civically engaged as she would wish.
A says her pastor and church do a good job of not casting their beliefs onto the constituents.


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