Steven Hennig and Marilyn Hennig

Recorded December 20, 2019 Archived December 20, 2019 37:17 minutes
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Id: MBY019515


Steven Hennig (58) interviews his mother Marilyn Hennig (86) about her life before and after landing in Yuma.

Subject Log / Time Code

SH asks MH about her childhood home.
SH asks MH what her earliest childhood memories are.
MH recalls segregation in her schools growing up.
MH recalls seeing KKK advertisements.
MH discusses her semi-charmed life.
SH asks Mh how she met his father.
Mh discusses becoming highly adaptable because of moving so much.
MH discusses being a military wife.


  • Steven Hennig (b. 1961)
  • Marilyn Hennig (b. 1932)

Recording Location

Yuma Art Center