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BARKSDALE, STEWART, and DENNIS, Circuit Judges. PER CURIAM:Before the court is the appellant's petition for panel rehearing. The appellant asserts that "the Opinion of the Court is so deficient that it cannot be the product of the three veteran jurists on the panel" and that, consequently, the " most likely source of the opinion" is the Staff Attorney's Office. Appellant's counsel, who is a 47-year member of this court's bar, asserts that he is "familiar with the work of the Staff Attorney's Office" and that it "is a sweatshop in the best of times and unbearably burdened in the still dicey post-pandemic era." Counsel's allegations add nothing to the merits of his petition and fall well short of the professional behavior expected of a longtime member of the federal bar. A regular oral argument panel considered this appeal. After thoroughly reviewing the district court's detailed opinion, the record, and the parties' appellate briefing, the panel affirmed. Cou


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