Student Sasha Nizamova and Teacher Jeffery Kohls discuss education and generational differences.

Recorded May 15, 2019 Archived May 15, 2019 44:05 minutes
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Jeffery Kohls, and 8th Grade teacher in the Denver Metro Area and Sasha Nizamova, a gifted and talented 8th grade student have an after school discussion on May 10th, 2019. Mr.Kohls shares his views about teaching as a middle school teacher, and how he had become a teacher, which eventually segways into generational differences between generation Z and generation X, and the cultural differences between the two such as memes, mindfulness, and mental health. Sasha Nizamova then shares what it's like to be a Russian American, and the sort of challenges which come with it due to modern history, and the deep connection Sasha has with that history as a child, and Mr.Kohls shares how he became interested in it. Since this is a long interview, there are time stamps for the different points in the interview.
Being a teacher: 0:00 - 12:59
Mindfulness: 12:59- 13:52
Generational Differences and the complexity of memes: 13:52- 20:23
Mental Health, Romanticization, and Stigma: 20:23-29:00
Being a Russian American and Modern History: 29:00- 30:50
History education and the monotony of it and Teaching history: 30:50 - 43:57
Awkward Ending: 43:57- 44:04


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