Susan Hambourger and Judy Sherr

Recorded June 25, 2021 Archived June 24, 2021 35:11 minutes
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Susan Hambourger (96) talks to her daughter, Judy Sherr (67), about her memories and her life at 96 years old.

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SH talks about her memories of traveling to California to see her sister, who passed away a few years ago.
SH talks about how she met her late husband on a blind date.
SH describes her mother and father.
SH talks about her relationships with her Aunt Bess and her sister, Ruthie.
SH talks about her job at Avon.
SH talks about not being able to drive anymore and the loss of her independence.
SH talks about growing up in Rogers Park.
SH talks about her grandparents.


  • Susan Hambourger
  • Judy Sherr

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00:03 Okay, can you introduce yourself?

00:06 My name is Judy. Sherr. I am 67 and 1/2 years old. Today is June 25th, 2021. I am in my mom's apartment in Glenview.

00:21 Okay, this is William season hamburger. I've been in Glenview for eight years in a senior facility. And how old are you? Susan?

00:35 96 and 3 months.

00:42 Today's date June 25th. 2021

00:50 Okay. Are you go ahead and Judy?

00:53 Get going then a special time with all that we talked at least every day. And I see you at least once or twice a week. We are now in, post-pandemic time is about 16 month since it started. What, what did you say?

01:16 Wearing masks and they took good care of you here. So you have it this point that you can remember of your 96 years.

01:48 Travel free by trips to California to see my sister.

01:54 Make sense. You love those and you stop doing those about? Well. Well, she died. What are your most difficult? Memory. Memories are your most difficult memory from?

02:14 Just losing. My mom has many years ago, 6 years ago. Can you think of three words to describe your marriage or your relationship difficult? That's when we're challenging. Yeah.

02:48 You're boarding cuz we could have three beautiful. Children. OK, Google, who who is the biggest influence on your life? And why?

03:10 A good question.

03:13 Thanks Tori car.

03:18 I can't think of any.

03:27 People that you've learned lessons from life lessons.

03:32 No, I'm a slow. Go ahead and any kind of a life for yourself when you were much, younger, much longer than I planned, but it's much longer. OK, Google, what? And the 90s hit?

04:08 So, I never expected to live this long, and that's what, are you proud of stuff in your life? What is, what what do you proudest most proud of in your life from the life to each other?

04:23 If you could interview anyone from your life was either still living or no longer with us and not a celebrity. Who would it be and why?

04:38 You could never be one person.

04:43 Okay, with my husband and just because I feel is a lot left. I'm done.

05:02 Tell us how you met your husband.

05:06 Flying J.

05:09 Service in the Air, Force in Texas and this friend Herb Gordon.

05:19 Married to my girlfriend. We wasn't married.

05:25 Just in love, and he thought they said would be a good.

05:33 Tear.

05:35 Then I got a picture of him.

05:41 Jane, can you forgive me?

05:44 Well, I think the clarity purposes and an archiving purposes. You're both wonderful. Wonderful. People are dead. My dad's no longer with us as of two years ago, but it probably wasn't the best combo, right? But you're both people love you both dearly, but do you have any regrets?

06:12 Yeah, I feel that I should have been stronger influence. I'm taking care of him. Everybody says no, I did find. All right, and how was your relationship with your parents?

06:28 Can you remember, you will very good with my mother. And my father was a caste Master. She felt much closer at your parents personalities.

06:44 What was your mom like my mother? Had the biggest shark?

06:49 Has anybody ever knew anybody was alone? On the holiday? They were at our home for dinner?

07:02 Marion Lillian.

07:05 Shane Shane.

07:07 Well, maybe things will change master, but he was really, but he was very much. I got of his time.

07:36 Published of bad ideas. Looks like they got disappeared.

07:52 Change ideas, interesting. And did you get in trouble when you're young very good citizen.

08:09 Not a risk-taker. Okay, we will bond that. What was the worst thing you did? Is there a worse thing? It'll be a goody-goody.

08:23 Probably.

08:26 So, I was going to wear your happy child.

08:30 Well, because I didn't date enough. They didn't date enough now according to who. All right, interesting. Give a best childhood memory or memories.

08:50 Probably Camp. I know, you know what you want.

09:00 Eastern Michigan, dirt, this is a play on the worst camping, the land. We drink. We still there and smoke cigarettes. Okay, pretty racy, that happened. That was Michigan, Wisconsin. She moved all over.

09:40 She who she shall agree. She was the dance teacher of the camp director. Then she was a teacher and check-ins, didn't you? And that was from being a real little girl.

10:00 Well.

10:03 I think it probably was five or six.

10:07 LOL, I would have you do that positions from the audio and yeah, we want her to do, you know, did you have a dream of a vision of what you want to be when you grow up?

10:22 Not really no aspirations or anything.

10:29 Special were there any friends of your parents or relatives that you were particularly fond of?

10:40 I knew that was she pretty much up there in your

10:52 She was fine. She was at Auntie Mame and okay to use to move when the ashtrays have filled and you had felt like a one-on-one with her or was it you and Aunt Ruth. Will you always close? Like growing up your clothes know you should fight like cats and dogs.

11:40 I would probably equally cuz we shared clothes and I want to wear this and you want to wear that, okay?

11:50 Did you feel like one of you is the favorite Child? Your parents are. Now my sister was my dad's favorite.

12:03 Okay, you have a favorite memory of Aunt, Ruthie. I know you have to. They moved California. You will go and spend a week or so with her every year. And you love those times only have a beautiful spot, right? It will not beautiful. What do you miss most about her?

12:33 Say, do you remember this? And you remember that? And I think about and manage their memories have her. We both have very poor memory so early childhood. All right, and did you and you had a strong and you from my recollection, you really can enjoy that part of your life.

13:17 Sims Bustin Out of the house and we'll have cash to spend, okay? To because you were going to my husband for domestic.

13:35 Before that right? Or did you have a job before I leave on?

13:39 Oh No, Just part-time.

13:42 Okay, to do at lunch. Okay. And do you remember what you liked about? Did you like the work itself? Did you like your boss? Has your friends and nobody who lives in this facility. She was a friend of yours from Devon and you have about how many people do still keep in touch with?

14:12 A couple chlorine shoes in another department, but I work with her.

14:21 She calls herself Glenpool to started so many people complain about work. These days with the people. I work with the managers Witcher very rewarding.

14:47 What have you learned from life that?

14:51 Is is most important to you?

14:56 Match, a very vague question. I realize that

15:01 How to react to people and find out that I am not so stubborn that I can't change who I just like to send sleep and now they

15:23 Joe from living this, this long 90 chicks and you seen something in life that I disregard and disrespect. And I mean what what are the things that kind of, I guess, blow your mind. The most about when I went to Florida and I had to take a cab from the airport to the radio.

16:05 So, I'm traveling so difficult in the computer and a telephone number. Okay, but you do use it and you do a great job at keeping updated and using your mind and you play, how many games a week when your activities here and oils rambling and just for the door in the trash.

16:44 Okay, computer term mean you're still in there and competitive with some players here in the facility.

17:02 And then,

17:09 The future generations of your family that will be living this years from now. When you may not be around. Is there any wisdom that you would like to to share with them or pass on to them? What would you want them to know? It could either be about you family life inside?

17:33 People today are found more.

17:37 Inquisitive and deeply interested in so many things because there's been between right and fires and Flames.

17:58 Computer internet, the computer is big, dirty word. Is there a, is there any wisdom that you'd want to pass along to them? That might help them in their lives or

18:21 In my opinion, I am very boring, boys. Everybody here in the community and many, many places including my sister and told her they were all over the place and my son, and his wife have been to probably more than one of the things I do regret is that I didn't even hear the force.

19:02 He really wanted to go get along, well enough with him. Neither of us were good. Okay, you didn't. Okay, it's curiosity about them. You know, your life is changed over the last significantly, you know, you were using were stage Center because he was being the one that would always be more little more gregarious or a little more dominant in meeting new people and white people.

20:02 Okay. Well, I still need the directions after that, then so be more of who you are without being, you know, better word, beginning with. Cuz I'm not happy. I like the independence, right? And that's probably

20:38 My independence and my eye was very healthy, but without some kind of exercise class everyday,

20:55 Yeah, but you're still doing the same by your walking you doing stairs every day. You had a bike inside, you did.

21:07 Do you think about when you everyday, do you think of what you can't do? Or do you think of how lucky you are? You can do what you can do, everyday by blank Walker. Be okay, but you're doing well. Wouldn't you say I mean, for your age physicality is pretty, is there. I would say black mental ability is

21:49 Play in the octopus drawings of people here that you'd like to know. But never asked.

22:05 Spell. Because I read that diary. Alright, I gave you my diary, I found from when I was 16, right, but that things have changed since then just in case you're wondering a little bit.

22:20 Etsy a lot that is right, and how it, how would you like people to remember you? I mean, if I was describing you to somebody maybe my great-grandchild years from now, or how would you like me to? I mean, you talked about your mom. And how would you like to be remembered? Well, not to worry. I hope.

22:52 Evolve grandchildren when I have many parents responsibility jobs, so I don't have that much.

23:14 You're with your son, Jordan of him a lot, New Orleans police officer. And so we are. And that's a bit challenging for all of us for letting him go to Ryan. Cuz that's where he stays right. Our dog, Memphis and who's laying right next to us right now. He's really done something for your your peace of mind. And I mean, I do feel like he's here, you feel different, I do. But I was never that much of an animal lover before I moved here.

24:15 Yeah, you wish you could have a job here. I'm sure. So, I will show you your own friends. You had a couple friends for many years and most of them are gone by this point. I mean, do you think life would be that different if some of your friends were still around, right? So, I was thinking in my head that seems like it's a little easier because they're not, you're not physically with them, but I think just very very difficult.

25:01 Oh, yeah.

25:04 Can you tell us where where you grew up, and where you lived when you are a child and just, you know, where you lived as an adult?

25:16 We moved a lot when we were younger or those are the days that we were not exactly rolling in dough.

25:39 A life claim to fame, as I've never been south of Devon, but if you don't know Chicago, you wouldn't think that's so funny. I actually get it worked on town.

25:52 I, when I go now, I feel like a foreigner.

25:58 But you moved it was in. Rogers Park from apartment to apartment, apartment, often always near the lake though, cuz my mother love to swim.

26:08 And she swim before. She went to work at the morning. But did you have to change schools when you move once? I think there was real.

26:22 Aging like she and

26:26 Aging field, which is why I graduated from there.

26:31 We had graduation from 8th, grades school. Okay, I see. Okay, and then you went to Sullivan Rogers Park. Who was up there, too.

27:06 Let's see if it was David was born.

27:12 You were born in Chicago.

27:20 I lived in the third-floor walk-up.

27:25 But you just got your house in first house, but $18,000 16, 16, 16, 1, assessment taxes and insurance. OK? Google. Do you have any that you would any other spots that you want to share memories or no? I did not want to be a bunch of my children at the sage and I feel that I am they say, no, but I

28:07 I know what I feel. You are not and I complete all and kind and with it and and not a burden. So don't know how else to say that. I think I put on.

28:31 Buses from Charlotte gray at Camp. Could be cultivated new friendships at the time. So it was kind of it is the people seem to accept the benefits everybody to be open-minded and open-hearted. I guess so.

29:06 But I think that's can you think of yes, I'm curious, Susan. I'm curious about how the depression affected your family when you were young.

29:17 I don't think we knew for sure. You're looking for us know, we had.

29:23 Rationing.

29:26 That was some more.

29:28 I don't think it's where you born in 1925.

29:39 So, you don't remember an impact from their 1920s?

29:46 I always worked part-time work for my friend's father.

29:57 She died to Dad too, but that was a good thing.

30:02 I have another question. What do you remember about your grandparents?

30:14 We used to go see them every Sunday, my father, his mother and father my grandfather.

30:27 And my grandmother always had a little white bag of Hershey Kisses as a nickel.

30:39 They were born where they were born in Europe.

30:45 I specifically. Remember my dad's, okay.

30:51 Are you don't fight. You don't remember your mom's name? And she put we were in Chicago.

31:07 Forest City Family, moved to California including my grandfather never met my grandmother.

31:15 Didn't do wish you enough California. Some point in your life. We should move to California, homeboy. I guess you can stay in San Diego right now.

31:41 SD of any others know that's that's it. Really.

31:46 Any other thoughts find closing thoughts cuz this is going to be around forever. People like to hear when it's cuz I have a

32:02 Mantra acronym since you're not very nice.

32:15 Most people hearing.

32:18 Susan, what was your favorite movie?

32:23 Oh, I suppose Gone with the Wind.

32:27 Do you remember where when you saw that?

32:29 No, I'm very, very bad. My sister-in-law to tell me things about me, which I doubt that were true. But I believe them because my memory I couldn't Challenger.

32:46 Yeah, you were very, very close to her. And she was such a fun time with yeah. Yeah, just sort of free spirit and we had some fun times together 99. So I don't drink water and don't eat vegetables. I don't exercise and I'm going to be 99 years old next week. Go figure.

33:37 Well, this has been a new some of this stuff before and I know it's exhausting being mini sex, but you do it. Well.

33:52 Fall asleep on me, but no one was there cuz you're in the wrong time. So, I'd step dad sat in the chair that you're sitting in and would sleep so much. And you just said, why does he have to sleep so much. Love you, dad. I do back. I've been to the cemetery War Since You've Been Gone.

34:38 Today Guy funny guy. He was a good everything except a husband.

34:48 Anyways, so on that note, and I think he would ask about your marriage. She would say it was great. You would State sucks. So there was clearly a communication staying there. So, that's why I challenged the times to. So,

35:06 All right.

35:08 Good.