Susan Kagwiria Manika and Jessica Knarr

Recorded August 8, 2022 Archived August 8, 2022 40:13 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Susan Manika (53) and Jessica Knarr (36) share a conversation about their unique friendship and experiences working with refugees, police officers, and interpreters. They also discuss cultural differences and working together to build community rapport.

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J recalls when she first met S.
J talks about her position and why it was created.
S recalls her experience with police in Kenya and talks about her idea of police in Boise, Idaho.
J talks about implicit bias and creating community awareness.
S talks about the differences in laws in the United States versus her homeland in regard to juveniles.
S talks about children and code-switching.
J talks about effective communication.
S talks about her mother and J talks about her father.
S talks about language and differences in words.
J talks about close relationships and shared experiences.


  • Susan Kagwiria Manika
  • Jessica Knarr

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Boise State Public Radio

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