Susan Means and Phillip Means

Recorded July 28, 2023 Archived July 28, 2023 40:44 minutes
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Spouses Susan Means (63) and Phillip Means (63) remember their early life and Phillip's enlistment and deployments, and they reflect together on the joys and challenges of their military connection as individuals and as a couple.

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Susan Means (SM) and Phillip Means (PM) introduce themselves and PM describes his background.
Participants remember why PM joined the military and their early days as a couple.
PM recalls his deployments and especially his time in Iraq.
PM reflects on the meaning and impact of his Iraq deployment.
PM lists influential figures from his military career.
PM reflects on the joys and challenges of military service for both the enlisted and their spouse.
SM reflects on the meaning of her connection to the military.
PM shares the qualities his military career cultivated in him, a challenging task he was asked to perform, and the things he misses.
Participants share closing thoughts and exchange gratitude.


  • Susan Means
  • Phillip Means

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Loussac Public Library

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