Susie Zin and John William Clodfelter

Recorded March 26, 2023 Archived March 26, 2023 35:35 minutes
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Friends Susie Zin (66) and John William Clodfelter (38) interview each other about giving back to their community, their love of the outdoors, and friendship.

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[Track One] John William Clodfelter (JWC) asks Susie Zin (SZ) how she likes volunteering at the Shared Table Food Pantry.
JWC asks SZ what she is most proud of.
SZ remembers the kindness her friends showed her after her mother passed away.
SZ and JWC talk about their love of the outdoors.
JWC explains how the Shared Table Food Pantry first came into his life when they gave him food when he needed it most.
[Track Two] SZ asks JWC what he thinks the qualities of a good friend are.
JWC talks about life on his land outside of Taos.


  • Susie Zin
  • John William Clodfelter

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Taos Public Library

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