Suzanne Coyle and Patrick Horan

Recorded April 14, 2022 Archived April 14, 2022 37:53 minutes
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Suzanne Coyle (46) and Patrick Horan (49) talk about Patrick's military service, marriage, and his recovery from a near-death experience.

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SC asks PH why he joined the service. He graduated college and shared he was not ready to start work, so he joined the army to get out and see the world.
PH shares how he met his wife, which was during their time playing rugby for the women's and men's teams, she
SC asks PH about his deployment to Iraq in the summer of 2006. He started doing infantry and talks about his experience going from house to house visiting different families.
PH shares when he was in Bagdad he was shot in the head. He recounts what his fellow solders told him about the injury and the medical care he received.
SC asks PH what he remembers from the early days post-surgery. PH shares he was heavily disoriented and does not remember much, but he remembers seeing old friends.
PH shares the difficulty he faced during his extensive rehab. He remembers the physical therapy and the detailed speech therapy that started with songs and eventually lead to him regaining his speech.
SC explains PH's aphasia diagnosis. PH shares that he has had aphasia for over 15 years, and that it requires constant work for improvement.
PH talks about his child Robert Franklin "Frankie" Horan. The baby is named after his wife's father (Patrick) and a solider who helped PH after he was shot in the head (Frankie).
PH expressed his gratitude for being alive after such a life-altering, near-death injury. The 15 year anniversary of his injury is this summer, and he is thinking about ways to commemorate the day.


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