Sydney Ray and Karen Ray

Recorded February 29, 2020 Archived February 29, 2020 38:13 minutes
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Sydney Ray (27) and her mother, Karen Ray (54), talk about their family dynamics, including Sydney's experience as the oldest of three children and her thoughts on having a brother with Down Syndrome. Karen shares some of her philosophies on motherhood and asks Sydney about her experience in Toastmasters, an international speech group.

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KR remembers SR's birth and what she was like as a baby.
SR talks about her brother and why she feels protective over him.
KR talks about her experience raising her son, Aaron, particularly in the first year when she learned he had Down Syndrome.
SR talks about her relationship with her siblings and feeling "jealous" when her sister, Lauren, was born.
KR discusses the concept of "mom guilt" and how she manages it.
KR shares some of her parenting philosophies.
KR remembers SR's beginning struggles at college and what led her to join Toastmasters.
KR and SR talk about SR's first speech for Toastmasters when SR won first place and received a trophy as her prize.
SR explains what the trophy means to her now.


  • Sydney Ray (b. 1992)
  • Karen Ray (b. 1965)

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