Taiwan to America: Lessons Passed Down

Recorded May 15, 2019 Archived May 15, 2019 53:09 minutes
Id: APP637503


This interview was done with my mother who moved to the United States for graduate school. She grew up in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Thanks to modern technology, in this interview, I video called my mom, who went back to her hometown to spend time with my grandmother. Because she was there with my grandmother, I wanted to ask her about how it was like growing up, the area she grew up in, and how she was raised. She talks about how Taoyuan has changed over the years, what has stayed the same, and how lessons she learned growing up in Taiwan have made their way to our family here in the United States. There is a mix of English, Taiwanese, and Mandarin spoken in this interview which reflects the blend of cultures within our own family.


  • Peihuang Chen
  • emilychen511

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