"Taking the Time to Make the Big Decision." an interview with Marcia McNutt

Recorded January 31, 2019 Archived January 31, 2019 18:10 minutes
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You may know Marcia McNutt as the current president of the National Academy of Sciences, but did you know she’s also someone who got restless enough to give up what many consider the be the perfect job? While teaching at MIT, she was offered a job to take over a state-wide mission-based organization in California. She asked for two weeks to make her decision, spending one week assuming she’d turn the job down, then another assuming she’d accept it. In the end, she chose to sacrifice her immediate status for a longer-term vision, leaving a tenured job for one where she could be fired at will. Going from a research career to a leadership career, Marcia has learned the dual lessons of understanding risk and reward. (Recorded 13 December 2018)


  • Greg Roth
  • Marcia McNutt