Tamara Fields and Andrew Vo

Recorded November 11, 2022 Archived November 11, 2022 37:21 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Tamara Fields (48) and Andrew Vo (48) discuss their shared experiences as current colleagues and alumni of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin.

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Participants share about their lives before attending UT Austin and how they came to the McCombs School of Business.
TF shares what her McCombs education means to her.
AV describes the values and role models he gained at McCombs.
TF speaks about the ways that McCombs challenged her to be bold.
TF speaks about her study abroad experience.
Participants reflect on how McCombs prepared them to collaborate and thrive in their careers.
AV speaks about his experience with the Asian Business Student Association.
Participants speak about their sense of belonging and experience of diversity at McCombs.
AV speaks about the Longhorn community in Singapore.
TF reflects on what she would tell her younger self about her upcoming McCombs experience.
Participants share closing thoughts and reflect on the future of the school.


  • Tamara Fields
  • Andrew Vo

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Robert B. Rowling Hall

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