Tamara Qawasmeh and Piotr Krzystek

Recorded May 19, 2020 Archived May 18, 2020 39:38 minutes
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Tamara Qawasmeh (27) speaks with her friend and coworker Piotr Krzystek (27) about their work as data curators for the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, how they arrived in their roles, and what they love about the research.

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PK and TQ speak about coming to the University of Michigan from their upbringings in Florida and Michigan, respectively. PK speaks about being home for his dog's 15th birthday amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.
TQ recalls starting off as an arts major before pivoting to public health and eventually doing health research. TQ and PK speak about ICPSR's intensive interview process, job hunting, and fate.
TQ and PK discuss the community at the University of Michigan, and the support they feel. PK mentions community enabling him to shed preconceived biases of others. TQ and PK speak about data curators' introverted nature, their close friendships, and the "human" approach to statistical data.
TQ and PK speak about what motivates and inspires them in the job, and the passion to learn. They discuss their personal support from family and partners. TQ speaks about being a 1st-generation immigrant and wanting her family to be proud.
PK and TQ share some of their favorite archival discoveries. TQ speaks about "Love Data Week" at the ICPSR, in which overlooked data sets are showcased. They reflect on enjoying their work.


  • Tamara Qawasmeh (b. 1992)
  • Piotr Krzystek (b. 1993)

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