Tamir Harper and Horace Ryans

Recorded November 17, 2023 Archived November 17, 2023 45:59 minutes
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Friends, colleagues, and co-mentors Tamir D. Harper (23) and Horace Ryans III (21) share how they have supported and inspired each other, first as students in high school, and now as people working and studying to better the American education system.

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Horace Ryans III (H) remembers his first impression of Tamir D. Harper (T). He wanted to be like T and respected T's professional attire in high school.
T describes himself and what he appreciates about H.
H shares his thoughts about the schooling that takes place outside of the classroom.
H recalls a memory of a hard time he had where he needed T.
T remembers H surprising him while he was teaching his middle school class, and how this event helped T from quitting his job.
T describes how it is hard for him to not always "be on." H shares this sentiment, and compares himself to an actor, always needing to be perfect.
H explains how he does not want to just teach anymore, but wants to help change the system.
H asks T how he manages to keep his love for education.
H shares how he struggles with feeling proud of his life without coming off as arrogant.
H shares more about why he admired T dressing to a high standard in high school.
Both participants share how they hope their students see them.


  • Tamir Harper
  • Horace Ryans

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Black Men in Education Convening 2023

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