Tammy Henry, Wilbertine Calhoun, and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke

Recorded October 23, 2021 Archived October 23, 2021 21:12 minutes
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Sisters Tammy Henry [no age given] and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke [no age given] sit down with their mother, Wilbertine Calhoun (73), to ask her about the parts of her life story that she has not shared with her daughters. As she tells her story, Wilbertine underscores the central roles that love, community, work ethic, and faith have played in her life.

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WC shares the story of her birth, as well as the stories of some of her most formative life events.
WC fondly remembers growing up with her two brothers.
WC shares what it was like growing up in Joyland, Atlanta in the 1950s and 1960s.
WC describes her experience being a teenage mom.
WC explains how her love for her family made it possible for her to raise two children while working full time.
WC talks about the jobs that she has had over the years and the daycare center she ultimately created.
TH and WC express their love for their family.
TH and WC discuss the role faith plays in their lives.
TH and WC talk about TH's children (WC's grandchildren).
WC explains why she hasn't shared many of her personal struggles with her children.
WC sends a message of faith to those listening.
TH thanks WC for all she does as a mother and a grandmother.


  • Tammy Henry
  • Wilbertine Calhoun
  • Tiffiny Benton-Hoke

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Mildred L. Terry Public Library