Tell me about how we came to live in Chicago

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My mom talks about how she had to decide to continue in school or start working. Mainly at our grandparents magazine/newspaper stand. She says, that because she was a teen, and she wanted to get the easy way out, she decided to work. However she regrets that greatly, because she wishes today to have been able to study more. Since it would have, "opened more doors," for her future. Later on she got pregnant (with me) and had worries to how she was going to manage to raise me. So, once I was around 3 years old, both my parents and me crossed the border towards, Chicago. She was able to describe the desert as hot in the morning and cold during the night. She also mentioned a long time ago that if the people in the group did not keep up with the guide, they will be left behind. It was even harder to keep up because of all the rocks, big steep areas and the heat. So it was very hard for my mom. It took her three times to successfully get across. After reuniting with my dad and me, she became a bit homesick. During her time here she misses her family, because they don't get together anymore. The food as well, she always mentioned how the food in Mexico is a lot better then here. But she is grateful that we can have better chances to stay economically balanced, How here payment is better and reasonable. How we can feel more safe. How she can afford for her children's education and a better chance in becoming someone. Most importantly how she can help her family with the rent and other payments. Even if they are far away from each other. She will still think about them and her time there and continue telling us stories of her life.


  • Yasmin Esteves

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