Lindsay Komline and Teresa Dominick

Recorded May 1, 2023 Archived May 1, 2023 16:54 minutes
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One Small Step partners Lindsay Komline (31) and Teresa Dominick (58) have a conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic and immigration reform.

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Teresa Dominick (TD) asks Lindsay Komline (LK) why she decided to participate in One Small Step.
LK talks about her upbringing and family.
TD recounts meeting her spouse.
LK reflects on her experience working for a non-profit on the Mexico-United States border.
TD tells LK about her father and the influence he had on her life.
LK and TD connect over motherhood and raising children.
TD talks about her beliefs pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic and governmental control.
LK speaks about governmental change in the immigration system and how her views have been influenced by her personal experiences.
TD voices her opinion on how the government could fund different programs.
TD and LK agree that being nice and helpful to others are the most important things moving forward.


  • Lindsay Komline
  • Teresa Dominick

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