Teresa Fife and Catherine Petersen

Recorded December 7, 2021 Archived December 7, 2021 01:12:46
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One Small Step conversation partners Catherine "Kit" Petersen (70) and Teresa "Terry" Fife (68) met for the first time in-person in Oklahoma City to discuss their upbringings, their frustration with the two major parties and their relationships with faith.

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Catherine Petersen (Kit) talks about why she wanted to do One Small Step, including clearing up assumptions people make about each other
Kit talks about her relationship to faith and how it has changed over the years, Teresa Fife (Terry) remarks how she has become more deeply routed in her faith
Terry talks about her frustrations with fellow Christians.
Terry asks Kit about the lessons she's learned while being a mediator.
Kit talks about her mother, a feminist, who was a pilot (Women's Air Service Pilots) and how it taught her about individuality.
Terry talks about her parents being "Yellow-Dog Democrats" and watching and learning from her mother who was a Mexican American.
Kit talks about feeling politically homeless.


  • Teresa Fife
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