Teresa Nguyen and Syed Rahman

Recorded October 15, 2019 Archived November 5, 2019 39:33 minutes
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Friends Teresa B. Nguyen (37) and Syed "Tanveer" Rahman (40) discuss their love lives and what they appreciate about one another as friends.

Subject Log / Time Code

TN remembers meeting TR.
TN remembers taking a trip to Paris.
TN describes her "Cinderella Moment," when she was set up on a blind date to attend a black tie wedding in Paris.
TR remembers wanting "true love" since childhood.
TR talks about accepting his partner's differences and interests.
TR tells TN what he appreciates about her as a friend.
TR and TN talk about their relationships with their families.
TN and TR talk about what they want for their futures.


  • Teresa Nguyen
  • Syed Rahman

Recording Locations

Dallas Public Library: North Oak Cliff Branch