Terreal Brown and Christian Grant

Recorded January 28, 2023 Archived January 28, 2023 51:03 minutes
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One Small Step partners Terreal Brown (38) and Christian Grant (49) discuss the importance of bringing many voices to the table in order to solve problems, and why the United States must grapple with its shortcomings in order to meet its full potential.

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Partners share why they decided to participate in One Small Step
Both partners discuss their personal and political values
Christian shares some of his background and involvement with community-based faith work
Terreal shares some of his background and the importance of people being exposed to opportunities
Christian shares thoughts regarding the need to promote service "in all its forms," and Terreal discusses the need for community-based work that does not center religion
Christian shares his definition of "faith"
Both partners discuss their beliefs regarding America's capacity for greatness, but also the need for self-reflection and accountability for it's shortcomings in order to solve our problems
Both partners share what they will take with them from this conversation


  • Terreal Brown
  • Christian Grant

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