Terry Valente and Jean Morciglio

Recorded February 6, 2022 Archived February 6, 2022 25:12 minutes
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Terry Valente [no age given] shares a conversation with her friend Jean Morciglio (69) about their upbringings, childhood memories, and family history.

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TV describes what her life was like growing up.
TV talks about studying genealogy and doing research on her family. She remembers getting to visit family in Italy.
JM talks about her life and her roots. She describes her parents and how they met.
JM remembers living in Puerto Rico and Flint, Michigan as a child. She talks about her father's passing, and her life in Flint.
JM remembers having a near-death experience.
JM remembers deciding to study Spanish in college and having a job at a dry cleaners. She describes how that eventually led to her getting a job as a social worker and meeting her husband.


  • Terry Valente
  • Jean Morciglio

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