Tessy Thykkuttathil and Teresa Walker

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One Small Step conversation partners Tessy Thykkuttathil (69) and Teresa Walker (62) discuss their Christian faith, growing up in India (Tessy) and Texas (Teresa), racism, the impact of their parents, traveling in India and navigating political discussions with friends who don't share your beliefs.

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Teresa talks about her trip to India and her mother.
Tessy talks about arranged marriage and adoption. Her brother died and she and her husband adopted his son.
More discussion of adoption and Tessy's adoption of another child from Mother Teresa's orphanage.
Both discuss influential person--Tessy father-in-law.
Teresa talks about her mom who "Introduced her to Christ and taught me to love" She was "close to slavery" because she experienced picking cotton and sharecropping.
Both discuss feelings about the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent rallies and the divide they feel with Anglo friends over issues of race.
Teresa tells a story of experience in 8th grade with a teacher regarding race and ancestry.
Both discuss abortion issue and conflict.
Teresa explains vaccine hesitancy and African-American experience.


  • Tessy Thykkuttathil
  • Teresa Walker

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00:00 Okay. Teresa. My name is Tessie by Goethe complicated last night and I'm 69 years old and I'm a retired educational advisor. We live in Garden City, Kansas lived here for almost 38 years.

00:29 And,

00:31 Today's accepting, but I forgot to go by this and my conversation partner is Teresa Walker, right?

00:54 Did you just meet her? I just met her and I feel like she's my friend.

01:05 So sweet, that's probably one of those rocks to my day today. My name is Teresa Walker. I'm 62 years of age. Today is September 23rd 2021. I'm located in Charlotte, North Carolina. I haven't been here. Very long, native. Texan is Cassie and I won't struggle with mispronouncing. The last name. Please forgive me and my relationship with this fabulous lady is that we just met but as you said, you're just a friend and I had met yet. So I'm looking forward to learn about each other.

01:45 Okay. Thank you.

01:56 Teresa. What made you want to do this interview today?

02:10 But I have a very dear friend who works closely with public radio and purpose broadcast. And she said, I've had a great experience and I was a big head, I think, cuz I was like, but after I spoke with our facilitator, I was very excited. And so text me, what made you want to do the interview today.

02:39 Linden a good friend of mine. I adored her all the time, and she asked me at first, I said, no. My thoughts are different and I don't want anybody to. I don't want to be argumentative.

02:59 And so I kind of didn't want to at first because I know most of the people in Garden City because we lived here a long time. And then she said it won't be somebody, you know, that was good. Yes.

03:17 And then okay, I can share my thoughts and I can listen to other people's thoughts. It will educate me their point of you. So I said, yes, that's pretty awesome.

03:42 So I don't see another question here. You're going to ask something that you would like to know more about her biography. And when I say, I look right now.

04:20 Aren't you want me to read this? Okay?

04:25 Uterus by native Texan and grew up in a working-class girl family. I was raised in faith, and it has been

04:38 Resounding founding principle and aspect of my life. I love my very integrated, high school and graduated top 10 made changes in high school Government after being affected by racism. Oh, wow. I appreciate that. Go City and hope to see more of it in. Our family is also very important to me. I have lots of diversity in my family and love learning about other cultures traveled extensively around the country. Awesome.

05:17 Let me get my glasses, please.

05:20 It's right there on the table.

05:29 Dick, in your screen.

05:35 Okay, and I'm going. I'm just about ready. There you go. So there's her bio. I said, Teresa.

05:42 So it starts at right there.

05:47 I was born in.

05:51 I'll wait to see that.

05:54 I can't do anything without mine says he's so I can read most everything. I kind of reduced this lies the other day.

06:05 Better to have it.

06:12 I was born in India as the oldest of eight in a fairly wealthy. Catholic Family. My mother wanted to be a nun.

06:21 We were taught to always help on your neighbor or anyone who needs help. If you have more than one of anyting you share with the four. I remember sticking up and taking action. When I saw Injustice in school as a child.

06:37 What I don't understand is today people say they are strong Believers in Jesus, but act just the opposite of how Jesus would

06:47 That's amazing. Exclamation.

06:51 I'm I'm, I'm excited to know you even more now because we're not just friends were Sisters in Christ.

07:02 More about you want to pursue that I feel like I do you even just reading a lot of times. We think we know a person that you just met of our experience and why did your mom want to be a nun? Or how did she share that information with you? She and her best friend from childhood. That's what they both wanted. And after they finished high school or both of them, the parents arranged marriage.

07:44 And her friend became and she bought that the author for wedding and there was an argument with between the two fathers purse and her fiance and they split up right there. And the father said, okay, you can become a nun if you want to and she became a Nun. Sister. Stella was my fifth grade teacher.

08:10 How old is bad, but my mom got married?

08:17 Well, that's wonderful because you would not be here if she didn't, so that's fabulous.

08:24 I'm sorry. Go ahead. When you saw him just as the school is honor that in that I didn't feel that. I had a voice thing. I was in 5th grade, the worst student. She was so full and the teacher always picked on her. And she was by it to the wealthy people of the Richer ones. She would Kate at 2 and this she always picked on her and she began beating. So we were not listening to the teacher in those days. And so I had to write a letter, I didn't have the guts to go speak to her. But I wrote a letter to the principal stating. This is what she's doing.

09:23 And when the letter came, it was a big deal. I was so scared. But that may change in India, southern tip of South America and I have the privilege of going to Mumbai and Hyderabad. Yeah, I was that's why I was excited even once I thought they were so very, very, very kind to me and

10:13 It was a moment that I was there. Then I thought of my mother. My mother passed away when I was 20.

10:19 About you because my mom was a domestic worker and she worked. So very hard to provide me with opportunity that she didn't have. How many children did she have? My sisters were teenagers when I was born. So I really kind of grew up by myself. Okay.

11:05 Very hard for her, my mom and dad divorced when I was two years old. My father was abusive alcoholic. I was praying to God that he got over that as he got older and her father. I learned as a man with a much nicer, but to my mom in my infancy, not so much with my job. I found myself wanting to honor her wherever I was. I had no idea. They told me later that we were all of these movie stars.

11:59 Beautiful people with their Amarillo, Texas. One of my childhood friends was there when I get back from India and he was looking through them. He was like, why your mother worked as hard? And it was so rewarding because I knew this, I knew that my mother worked hard so that I would have opportunities and she didn't have and I tried

12:59 Take advantage of this didn't happen, until I was in my

13:16 30s or 40, because of the difference in how old she was when I was born.

13:35 Yeah, but at least, when your friend acknowledge that that made you feel better if someone else understood my mother, like I did and my mother.

14:06 I have to, I have the age of us, one brother passed away. So then his wife was remanded. My parents actually arranged another marriage for her and they had a little boy who was only 10 months old.

14:28 Because my brother pushed his Jeep stopped working and he pushed it all the way. We had a long driveway and I think it broke his heart or something because he's so strong. Otherwise, he wouldn't die and I adopted his son. That's my S.

14:50 Yes, and my Joseph after you. He's weird opted him from Mother, Theresa soft music.

15:10 They are big boys now appropriate Catholic Family. I didn't have to go through the delivery and I got these two amazing children.

15:36 I struggled with that for a long time too, because my mom didn't, you know, say my mom worked as hard as she did, as a single mother, it made me feel some kind of way and I didn't really know. Like, at least they had arranged, marriages has probably one of those times when I didn't want to be divorced. And there's only one way that you can't be divorced in the way that you can't. You never? Yes, because I think the children need parents.

16:20 Am I struggle with that? Because then I was like, oh my God, I don't have.

16:24 But but that's okay, but you can still find to get married. I'll tell you what, but

16:38 What I had to learn because it broke my heart, but I had to learn. Is that from where I sit in my face, God created every soul for a purpose and whether I marry or not does not negate my perfect.

16:56 But I have a husband then he will find me as Boaz, right?

17:14 In some way of the Legacy. Because the moment you connect, you leave a legacy with that person as a gift then becomes. What is that? I don't have children, blood Legacy, Heart Legacy.

17:38 Yeah about that close to each other every single day in the morning. With, for me. It's morning. It's night for them and I talked to a couple of them and my mom every day.

18:00 And I want to go next year April. She's turning 90.

18:08 And my father was also pretty healthy, but he he's just like me. He's so fast and doing everything he gets up and he walks straight and immediately and the doctor told him to take a few minutes and then walk but he fell and hit his head back of his head and that's how he passed 12 years ago.

18:37 Sorry to hear that. But what a blessing that you still have your. Yes, I'm almost there. I know it's a blessing and she was buried. I lost my mom. So it's just that.

19:11 Right here in the house with me right now is my other sister who is 13 years. My senior. And I love it. That's what brought me to North Carolina from, Texas.

19:21 I see. So I see that we want to talk about who has been most influential person in your life. And what did they teach you? My dad's father. My grandfather yoga. He started us on yoga, but he never called yoga, but he would stand on one leg and hold the other leg up. And he taught us so much life lesson, and we have this system. Will your parents pay money to the husband arranged marriage and my father was going to give me $40,000 is what almost 50 years ago. That's a huge amount at the time. It is now. Yeah, and then my grandfather said, make it fifty. I'm going to put the tent.

20:18 Such a wonderful. Wonderful grandfather. We grew up. We were so blessed. Usually the grandparents day with the youngest son, but my mom was good to them. So they stayed home last year. Did you call him grandfather in my language arts and acting means father? Actually, it means father, but that, that is what my parents called him. And so we called the same thing. He passed just a few months before my wedding, but he saw my husband and he liked him and he was so happy and he said he's going to start praying for him from day one, but did they never saw that? He never saw each other, but he must not rely for my wedding.

21:15 But he was there. That's what's the most influential person for me. And what about you? What is introduced me to Christ? Not in words, but in watching her actions speak louder than words. We said what I've heard said Tessie is I'd rather see a sermon that hear one any day. There's a part of your life is a is a sermon my mom like I mentioned before she taught me to pray.

22:12 She taught me the importance of family. I tried to live up to that for her. What I've learned is that initially I only believe in Christ because she said so

22:35 I started to understand who he was because of my own experience of my own life.

22:41 And so, she would certainly be the person who put me on that road. I started to learn about my sister's, my sister's got in trouble. They were not me.

22:58 Not bad trouble. And you wanted to please your mom to talk to me.

23:09 I did I saw her work. So terribly hard. She at me in church every day, but Thursday.

23:27 Has my social life Monday. I had girls like zileri Tuesday night. She

23:33 Usher board. We had Usher's in our church and Wednesday night, bible study and her commission meeting Thursday, but Friday, and Saturday was the, they call it since the Starlight band with the little kids choir and then Sunday. And if there was a 3 service, I had to be a task service evening at Baptist Church.

24:17 Immersed, in church.

24:28 But when I am proud of, is that set the stage for the rest of my life and I'm grateful. Yes.

24:35 Yes.

24:37 Tell me more about you told me about a couple of your family members. I'm still interested in those a large family. I'm the oldest by the time I was fifteen years old, I could run the household because because the responsibility my mother was kind of person that supports number. T. My dad was so well-known and he he wanted to make a million before he even got married. So that was his and my mother was very poor before she married.

25:16 Parents. Don't like that. No, but this is different. My grandfather actually been on his way to work. He saw these two girls, very well-behaved walking to school back and forth. So he wanted to know if they are Catholics. So she one day, he followed her and then he saw her walking to her house. And when he looked knocked on the door and look, there was a picture of Jesus. That's all he need to know, and they didn't have to pay Penny Dowry. My grandfather actually made the gold jewelry for her and gospel married to his son. He was beyond his time thinker.

26:07 So guess what else I heard.

26:14 My name is not a name because she had to run her household. Oh, yeah, she had one brother that was older than her, and my mom's family. Were this far from slavery. My mom was born in nineteen 1660 1916, right?

26:50 They are raised, are they were sharecroppers at some point. In my mother had to step up and run the kids because when she passed away my family went into attending panda.

27:23 But I had to pray for you that too cuz I love them all. But I saw definitely saw the absence of my mother's leadership. Do I say that when you talk about having to take over, I have an account of one of the house and know what to do. Because my mom had a breast removed when she was just 27, so she couldn't do much. So we had servants, put that in, my dad had the business. So I was the one who kind of took a lot of responsibility on me and I'm okay with that type of business with your father in a vendor at eighteen. He started his own business.

28:21 Welding business and he made quite a lot of money and he did so many good things when he passed, you know, people. So many people came in, they were speaking of what he had done for them. He never knew.

28:36 So it was so good. It was so he came in Mexico, taxi kind of logical, and he was given my brother or my mom. Somebody gave him some money that dad used to give and he just stood around and then my mom said that my brother said he's not leaving. And then my mom said, because your dad always paid for the taxi to the attack scene in which it came. So, a lot of things that people were saying so many good things about him, after he passed me, heard about it and believe it or not about your mom to

29:31 And you know what? I'm learning. Like, I think that it was not and I think you would agree. It was not because your father was wealthy, The Good Deeds. That's the whole thing that count in money, The people did not know her name. They called her one who ever introduced them to her. Like I can see, that's what they called her.

30:28 That she told him, he was homeless, and she told them, you can't stay at my house. But if you come here every day, I'll make sure that you go home.

30:44 And, you know, just things like that, that, you know, as I said, they're like, there's so many things. I don't even remember about the day because it was so overwhelming for me, very overwhelming for me. Even if I really stop and think about it. It'll make me cry all over again, but I was listening to my mother. I have her blood.

31:14 And they adore you too. Well, it may not live up to that.

31:35 I'll bet you had an awesome of bringing, it sounds like you're saying you did. Did my brother who is next to me? I think it was maybe 47. He just decided he had made enough money. He retired. And he's volunteering from that day. And now he's only two years younger than me. So he's 67. It's over 25 years. He's been volunteering at the church. And, you know, this other people by young people who are on drugs and stuff. He bring them to church and try to help them, turn them around and those kind of things, he does. I'm so proud of him and my question.

32:25 We live in a really crazy time. I think you would agree right now in our country, as you mention, does not represent Jesus at all. What does that make you feel? When you see some of that played out on television or in the radio or however, you hear of some of the things like, it's challenging for me to hear some of the things that people of my ethnicity.

33:11 I believe it could be people of your ethnicity as well.

33:14 Just depends. What do you think the new George Floyd, that happened? I could not sleep for probably a month or so. It seemed that over and over it. I couldn't close my eyes. I could close my eyes and see that it hurt me so much and we had a protest in Garden City, Kansas and my dear friend, Amy, I called her and said, Amy, I'm going to go for this protest. I'm not asking you to come but I'm going, she said, I just y'all wanted to come, but I'm afraid to go by myself because she is dark-skinned. I said, well, let's go together and we had a plaque, each of us, but what we wanted when we walked

34:04 And we did not invite our white counterparts because I didn't feel comfortable. Maybe they would come, but we call ourselves soul sisters. That are six of us. If you didn't call them. I just felt and they wouldn't know how it feels. That's what I felt.

34:29 And I felt some of the same even a deeper way, because I know that have that not been recorded. The story would have been more of the same and nobody would have cared. Yeah, and it would have been Rewritten or

34:59 Reasoned away as if it wasn't the truth. Nothing.

35:09 My mom.

35:11 Was a very smart woman, but he grew up in the time where it wasn't. I don't know if it wasn't safe or if it wasn't wise to run.

35:32 By my mother in looks like mine may be a sign. That is my mother's baby sister. Okay, they called my mom. My mom was the only one. That was my see the map that.

36:10 I said, all of that to say when I was in 8th, grade races Boy Leroy Android, they had all these different and the teacher was this big sticks over 6ft. Tall guy, white guy. He then asked of do any of you have anything. That's different than what we said about. What the characteristics are raised my hand. And I said, my grandmother have blue eyes.

37:03 Which she did my grandmother's eyes were, I don't know if you can see this or not, but my grandmother's eyes looks like this blue. Blue, but remember she was very fair.

37:20 My grandmother.

37:27 So he said Walker, one more crack like that. You'll find yourself out of my classroom.

37:35 Okay. I'm in the 8th grade. I'm really trying to never wanted to disappoint my mother. Definitely at cannot be expelled from a class.

37:47 So, I don't understand. I thought it would last a day. That was so horrible. And I said, she thought you were lying. And I said, but coach, my grandmother's eyes are blue and he put me out of the class.

38:08 I was scared that my mother was going to beat my brains out before getting expelled from class. And I will immediately to tell her, I don't understand what happened. This is what I said, and

38:24 She said, well, honey.

38:27 Your your teachers ignorance makes your grandmother's eyes. No less flu, but there was a part of me to ask if I can see if I'm honest. I wanted somebody to go check that guy and tell him.

38:49 Yeah, I never got that.

39:02 Yes, you're right. There are a lot of

39:08 Anglo people who have no idea and I would often be the only one like me in the class or eat those things allowed. So sorry, that would be so hard as a child. It was it was but I tell you what, it also allowed me to pay attention to how everything was.

39:42 Because even to this very day, I heard you talk about to call yourselves. The soul, the soul sisters. I have a girlfriend.

39:53 It was when I was in high school when the movie Roots came out. Okay, so that was a huge fight at my school.

40:10 It was not always fun. I wasn't apart of it. I was away from it. But this young lady in a black shirt with white writing. It said from my doctor sister and I had a white shirt with black writing is said from my lighter sister.

40:34 Where are them and sometimes white or whatever and that was cool for me and I'm honored and grateful for your spirit that you have the audacity and the courage to walk in that process. Thank you for that.

41:10 Yes, but I don't know if I should talk to my wife counterpart solar sisters. I am still afraid because I don't want to cause any distance between our friendship because of the politics, but I will say to you is to continue to pray and if God wants you to have that conversation, I believe your spirit will tell you not only to do it. But when and he will prepare you with Kyle, and I think there's a scripture that says those he calls he quits.

41:57 That's a cute. Yes.

42:00 But there is no good results. Can come out of it. That's my thought because I'm not going to change anybody. They're not going to change me either, so maybe

42:17 Well, let me know each other in our own words are personal political values, and I think we're already kind of talking about that.

42:28 Since I've moved to, let me ask you to let me ask you, I am a Democrat, but I personally am against abortion because it is, I believe it is a baby. I cannot do that. I will never ever do such a thing. But I feel like, who am I to tell other people? You cannot do that. That is where I'm kind of allowing them to make. Their decision is between them and God. I'm not judging them.

43:13 That's where I am against and then the continuous things happening to water water, not so hard, but

43:28 Allowing not allowing people to vote, you know, restrictions that they are bringing out. It makes me so angry. That is so wrong. And I cannot

43:45 For that.

43:47 I understand I too am a voting Democrat.

43:55 I agree.

43:58 Voting rights. If you try to eliminate voting rights, that's not okay.

44:05 In these that right? Merely because you are a citizen unless you do something atrocious. That allow that would not personally want to kill a baby. I like you. It's not. My decision is not for me to say

44:28 My challenge there is, there are lots of people who say I'm against abortion. No matter what, they don't want to support Social Services, pay for these children underwear like a real mother. Then you're going to pay for the Social Services are the social support that would allow you going to have the baby, but if you don't take care of what you going to go to jail or not my problem.

45:28 I don't think they truly care. It doesn't to me. It doesn't seem like they care if they care, they would care about a living human being first. You cannot worship and you cannot love somebody whom you don't see when you cannot love somebody. You see already.

45:53 It's a, it's a, it's a difficult place and

45:58 I'm very heartbroken that.

46:02 It is my opinion and that the previous president brought out the worst of our country. That's how I see it too. I was praying so hard and I was trying to get, you know, we have a lot of Hispanic population around here and they are good people, productive citizens, except they don't speak much English. They don't know how to get it to register to vote. So I have the whole bunch of them to register to vote and told them, this is what they are, didn't like, Trump either. So I think this is the other side of that.

46:43 If he hadn't done already did, it would have simply been simmering under the surface.

46:51 Because it was always there.

46:54 It was there and I don't know.

47:05 Because the simmer means and is hiding.

47:08 But now it's exposed.

47:11 And what I believe in Jesus.

47:14 Is that he is the light of the world. And we know all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

47:33 That means things that we like things we don't like and we understand things. We don't understand. And what I say about that is, if price is the light of the world. It is imperative that these things are exposed because now that they are supposed to do something about my knees and continue to pray. And I know he will always be in control, but I don't know how to impact that. And I think these conversations

48:11 Yes.

48:13 I don't, I don't, I don't know that any one person has the answer. I don't know. I don't I don't talk to my

48:25 I don't talk to my white counterparts about certain things at 6.

48:31 But I listened because they will speak about how baby. Yes. In fact, they have spoken to me, not during the election time, a few years prior to that. And I told they said, illegal migration. That was the topic and I said, I don't think it just the right thing to do. But if we are in their position, in their situation would do the same thing in India is such a poor country, Bangladesh was even that came over to Indian, be took them. So it happens everywhere in the world and here, particularly. Everybody came from other places other than

49:31 American. So they are the only ones who have the right to say anything, but they are cornered. And so I think we should take refugees. I tell you what else can I see? I've noticed in living in South Carolina, person in this area. Right? What I've learned is that there's so much history, real bona fide history. Like, there's so much stuff that I've learned about, perspectives of Francis, the Civil War or perspectives of slavery, and how it got here for the business, because everyone who owned slaves,

50:31 People some of them really treated their slaves, very well. I don't I don't I wish that there had never been slavery.

50:46 It happened, if it hadn't happened. I don't know what I would do.

50:58 I don't know that I could well, I can't change the past. Yes.

51:13 And we have to do what we can to make a better future for the next Generations to come.

51:25 Award shows recently and it really made me think you know, what are we leaving to, what would be my grandchildren, are your grandchildren or their children? Even, they have to what will they? What what do they have global warming. Liquid intelligence can see that and just thinking of saying it's a hoax is not going to remove it or make it go away, right Thomas, like if we don't talk about it, it's not their officials. Forget. It is not your opinion that your

52:21 Yes, that you are their conscience and you cannot forget that once you get to the job.

52:29 Yeah, I don't get too, but my concern is, and I don't know what have you said you paid attention to the number of times, people say, now. I apologize that this happened. I never meant for this to happen, and then they go about their business. I'm like, no, you don't ever so ingenuine. You knew when you did this, that it was going to happen. What you're sorry for is that you got caught.

52:59 If you hadn't gotten caught, you would have continued to do the things that you did possible number.

53:09 For example, is that what you said?

53:13 Politicians, whether it was okay. Got it.

53:23 To their families, whether to their wife or their families weather. And I don't really care what you do personally to be perfect. But when your personal stuff leads into what, you're supposed to be going to represent me.

53:48 New York, a responsibility that you were elected for. Exactly. And you know, they are proposing to do the good for common Water by common good. You have to do and their opposing. I'm thinking, what, how can we make these people just lose their job, you know if we should maybe strike and have it posted or something was mentioned and Cinema can go out. So people can have a better life. My God, they have suffered enough. This 2 years, almost two years. I think the other thing too is people often don't really understand the impact until it hits them. Like even with covid-19 wrong as your family is dying, as long as it's somebody that, you know, it's, it's that sucks to be you, but you don't need to where I'm at. But as soon as it's my family,

54:48 You should have been wearing a mask because now it's infected somebody that I love.

54:55 And unfortunately, it takes that happening to some people with them to change how they seasoning.

55:01 What is the big deal wearing a mask? What is the big deal? Taking a short vaccine?

55:13 So,

55:15 And I honestly, I promised you, I'd, I have to be honest. I did have some concerns, some reservations before about the vaccine with African-American. And I had a friend, a couple of them. They were hesitant, but she took it now. Her sister to, we are still praying for the mom to take it because they had bad experiences in the past.

55:47 I think I get it. But I'm at my sister. My sister did it first before I did it for me? And that's how we do both of them because I want to be here for a while. So, you know, I want to be here as long as the Lord.

56:28 Yes, Lynn's picture came up Lynn Avenue, taking too much of.

56:39 Sisters.

56:49 Another, I'm so many thing.

56:52 But you were paired also because of the similarities and I knew that you travel to Indy and I knew that, you know, testing family and your spiritual connection, however, when you read it yourself,

57:12 And they're so from 5 to 10 is leaving, conservative, and from 4 to 1. And so I pair together, knowing that there is more similarities than anything and I could not be happier of the connection that you need from Teresa.

57:42 Honestly, that's why I asked some of the questions that I asked just to hear his perspective because you know, I'm open to hear those differences, but the way she responded is very much the way I responded. And I know that we talked about that.

58:00 Because I do consider myself conservative to a point, you know.

58:10 I have friends who consider me. I don't know if they ever call the L7 back in, where you came from and your you but you stayed in a box. You never got outside.

58:41 Tessy knows this. I know, you know this, when I stand before, God my Father in heaven when he calls my name, it's not me to leave his friend. That's what he's not calling you for your opinion. He's not calling man for her opinion. And guess what? What he calls you and it's your turn answer. He's not calling me for my opinion. He's not calling me by the love you for them. So that's why when you said you and when you started to talk about even abortion.

59:15 I was like, oh my goodness. He's going to be pro-life and I wonder what this is going to look like.

59:38 I don't think that it's a one-word one-trick Pony. I think there should be some consideration for individual has the opportunity and no and think and have option. No, I wouldn't do it. No, I would encourage it though. I would run down to the nearest whatever, and that's what it is. I can't decide for another woman. What happened?

00:27 Yeah, and we're so I know it. So I think these men they should just shut their mouths. This is none of their business. People that made that decision were women. I think that's a very good point. That's a yes.

00:47 But luckily, in my opinion, we have more women at the table and and we have more women and therefore as we used to argue about going to the various events where there's a concert or football or basketball or something. And I was always said there was a man, that design is doggone place. Exactly. Yes. Yes, I think of everything even our children, you know, we have boys and girls in between both of them. But, you know, I have a dear friend who works at the Meat Plant here in Garden City.

01:47 Play this very short person. Maria. She worked there for 25 plus years. And then she was telling me, I am so tired. And my back hurt because some somebody the manager new person came and he made the

02:06 At the table, where they cut the meat high, and she cannot reach it and she struggling. Nobody cares. It has they have to take into consideration. I thought this better stay one step ahead. She would, I don't know why this to us something for this lady. So I told him idea. Why don't you take one? Ask, Pedro to make it Little Stuart stand up on that and then she was going to do that. I see you don't even see that. You just do you see that? You just saw some problems lady. I know, I won't be good at that. But I love to help people, you know, Teresa my little

03:05 Sorry work is I want people who are renting from me. Once they went from me. I kind of get them to save money to buy property. So I tell them you bring your credit score up and then you go to words buying it right now. You're making my payment. So my 21st person bought a house in January.

03:33 I'm working on the next one.

03:38 That's my little mission.

03:46 That is Teresa.

03:51 Oh navigation.

03:56 Exchange numbers, if that's allowed after this or I would love to. I would love to make you really, really

04:05 Continue to love the Lord, because

04:08 My mom.

04:12 And even if you check, check, check the check because they broke the pull, the lowest-paying job, and there is no way they can get up to the. That's so sad the last day of summer.

04:39 The Lord has blessed me.

04:43 I don't know if it was my grandmother's prayers. My mother's prayers. My aunt prayers were combination of all of those things, but I know that

04:54 My mom, pray for me, I have on one home.

05:04 And I used to always worry because I didn't marry. So I didn't have a husband. Had to do everything myself much. Like my mom a really tough time, but I promise you that God has put people in my life, that helped me over and over again. And when I talk about my, the diversity of my friendship laugh at me, I have sold have white people in my family. I have Hispanic people in my family.

05:42 See her kids. Loved me first. I think her when she loved me before she built a friendship, when I got ready to sell my house. She had already sold her house and they moved. And she said, you know, if you sell your house before you're ready to leave with your job, you know, you can stay with me and the kids, right?

06:24 I was like, you know, I didn't know that.

06:32 I moved in the house. The Chinese my life. I had enough money to buy a car without begging for forgiveness. Like, my credit was horrible all the time of my life when I have a good working car when I go to North Carolina to be with my sister.

07:12 So I asked her because she will real and dealer named for people. Can you go with me to get my car? Okay.

07:40 Whatever I came home.

07:43 And I,

07:44 She drilled me. Like she was my mother. She was like, so, what did you get? How much did you put down? What's the interest rate? How much are your payments going to be? What was the cost of the car?

08:05 I can't say the words that she said, cuz she cursed me. And she said

08:14 What do all of these things of telling me about? How did it go? She ate? My mom didn't have that to give to me. I think I want to cry.

08:40 Because I thought, oh my God. I'm so stupid. I didn't know.

08:52 And she said those words.

08:58 I'm going to say initial. She said BFF.

09:17 And when we watched it, I promise you, when we walked in there and sat down with that finance manager. She didn't, she did all the Talking. She was like, what she put this much down. What would the interest rate be if she did then?

09:40 That guy was like.

09:44 And when we finish, I cannot tell you any more. I used to know, cuz I was so blown away the amount of money that she saved me, the things that she change that deal to be for me. Yes.

10:02 When we walked out of there, I know that.

10:07 Out of the doorway to look back at me.

10:11 She said, let me tell you something, honey.

10:14 I'm Chinese and we don't spend money. We make money.

10:19 My friend and an, and I'll share this with you and I would not normally say this aloud, but I'm going to share this with you. My credit score when I left in that moment, my credit.

10:47 My credit score was 523. What is it now?

10:58 Yes, you are. You can make it to 800.

11:10 This is a match.

11:13 Minecraft Minnie Mouse.

11:23 We are going to exchange all of that stuff cuz I think you guys are truly.

11:34 Stop. The recording has been a lovely conversation anything that you want to say to each other. On the recording.

11:49 I need your phone number. My dear. Let me write down mine for you. We don't want everybody in America calling us as we only want to call each other. That's right Little Caesars number on the recording. Okay. I am honored to have met you.

12:18 I am honored to have heard about your grandfather and your father and I can't wait to hear more, but I am most honored that you seek to help other and you speak when power, those who are less fortunate. And I want you to know that in this moment. You are heavenly. Father is very proud of the Soul. BJ's to you when you are doing what he used to do.

12:51 Thank you so much Teresa. I feel so blessed.

12:58 To meet you today. This opportunity is a god-given opportunity and I want to keep in touch with you, and I will treasure this friendship.

13:10 And then we travel to Florida. I hope I can even meet you in person, meet you down there.