"The best way to get ahead is to plant seeds of ideas in other people & watch them take off & run with it." an interview with Bruce Wielicki

Recorded June 14, 2019 Archived June 14, 2019 18:14 minutes
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Bruce Wielicki, a NASA Langley climate scientist, discusses his collaboration with economists to help non-scientists understand how climate change will hit them in the wallet, and how they could reduce that risk with modest investments in improved climate science. He also touched on his mission at NASA Langley as the science team lead for the CLARREO Pathfinder mission—the first true climate calibration observatory, which will improve the accuracy of monitoring climatic changes from a wide range of Earth viewing satellite instruments. Bruce shares the importance of clouds in climate—how very small changes in clouds can have a dramatic effect in both amplifying or reducing human-driven climate change. (Recorded 11 December 2018)


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