The Crazy Old Lady That Raised Me

Recorded May 1, 2019 Archived May 1, 2019 33:05 minutes
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Today I talked with my grandma; she is currently 59 years old. We talked about how she had a rough childhood with an alcoholic father and mother who didn't show any compassion or love. Her grandparents owned a farm where she learned how to bake, cook, and make candies along with how a living farm operates. She met her husband when she was 14 and started dating him when she was 15. She had to have her children at a young age due to severe endometriosis. She has three children and nine grandchildren which she loves to spend time with and go on adventures. She loves being outdoors, and when she retires, she wants to travel to all of the National Parks in the United States. Some of her favorite memories are going to Yellowstone and fly fishing with family and close friends.


  • Denise King
  • Tristin King

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