The Good Doctor

Recorded January 12, 2019 Archived January 12, 2019 09:50 minutes
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A doctor saves the lives of others, but sometimes they’re so busy with other lives that they can’t save their own. Jadon Lee interviewed Luis Molina in Los Angeles, CA on January 3rd about the biggest influence on his life. The person that influenced Luis the most was his uncle, Ramiro. As a child, Luis observed that his uncle was always working. His uncle was a doctor, and when at home, he was always reading books at his desk. This is when Luis realized his crave for knowledge and found the importance of learning. Luis’ uncle was the biggest role model he looked up to in his life but unfortunately, his uncle died at a very young age due to cancer. The death of his uncle also taught him that life is ironic. Although his uncle was a doctor, he worked so hard it took an extreme physical toll on him, so much that he died. Luis Molina still aspires to be like his uncle and wishes his uncle could know what an indelible impact that he made on Luis’ life.


  • Luis Molina
  • Jadon Lee

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